-The Hopper

There's nothing worse than standing in an open field with a glistening weapon in your hands that just won't shoot. We've all been there (except me) and it was only a matter of time before some bright spark took matters into their own hands (so to speak) and rescued the red-faced blank-firing gentleman in all of us. This revolutionary 200-shot hopper is battery powered to ensure your balls are always ready for action. Excitingly, the hopper shows just when you've shot your load by using a case that's as transparent as a queue of lovely ladies outside a lottery winner's bedroom

Price: £80.00

-JT IZE Flex 7 Google

Remember your mother's wary admonition as she spied your shiny new paint gun, "You could have someone's eye out with that!". She was right! When it comes to face protection you can't be too careful. And wearing a pair of these babies will leave you all the more time to ensure you don't leave the house with wet hair, or pull any ugly faces if the wind's blowing. Offering a full 240 degree field of vision (plenty for those with only two eyes) you'll be the envy of the field. And the anti-fogging soft stream faceplate means you'll have to find somewhere else to smear your saliva.

Available in Blue, Red, Grey, Purple and Green
Price: £75.00

-JT Proteus Google

Billed as 'the most advanced goggle system available in the world' this has to be the ultimate accessory for the ultimate warrior. You know the type - camouflaged to the toes, clumps of bracken sprouting from every orifice and a menacing mesh slung from the grubby red bandanna that's shielding their steely eyes. There's even a built in electronic fan to keep you cool and your vision clear. Probably not the best idea if you've got hairy lug holes.

Price Black: £100
Price Clear: £110

One of the UK's fastest selling pro-player guns, the semi-automatic Impulse featues vertical feed and and an electronic double trigger for extreme rapid fire. The gun is particularly suited to front players / attackers and is definitely one occasion where a semi needn't dissappoint!

Price Black: £475
Green, Grey and Blue available at £50 extra cost
-Evolution Jet Stream

Widely held as the most accurate paintball marker in the world, the auto-cocking Evolution Jet Stream is a favourite with back players and snipers. Another fine reason to avoid being shot up from behind!

Price: £850

-Angel LCD
Probably the professional player's favourite gun, the semi-automatic Angel LCD is not only electronic, but tells you what speed you can fire at and how many balls you've shot, in addidtion to vibrating when there's 1 minute left to go and much more. It's the fastest gun in town and if you're playing against one, I don't fancy your chances! If you're looking for a serious gun and an equally serious reason to re-mortgage you house then look no further! Suitable for front players and attackers.

Price: £1100
Available in Blue Silver and Red
-Angel IR3

Just hitting the market, this is the newer version of the ever-popular Angel LCD. We haven't used one yet, but we've heard it described as "the most awesome gun ever made". I'm assured that it features everything from the LCD and a whole lot more. I should think so. For £1450 I'd expect it to give the wife a night off! Suitable for middle / front players and attackers

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